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RV Parks and the Benefits of Stationary RV Living

Just a few years ago, people always associated RV living with traveling and being on the road all year round, a lifestyle that would only suit retirees and digital nomads. But thanks to the construction of RV Parks in Bakersfield, CA with excellent amenities like swimming pools, restrooms and laundry facilities, stationary RV living is becoming popular. 


In a nutshell, stationary RV living allows you to have a more “traditional life,” such as driving to your job every day, visiting your favorite local restaurant, and enjoying quick access to community facilities and amenities like pools, picnic areas, etc. 


To help you better understand the benefits of living in an RV park, check out Smoke Tree RV Park in Bakersfield, CA. This beautiful community of RV owners offers excellent rates for long-term renters, 30/50-amp full hook-up sites, and a convenient location (near major retailers, restaurants, malls, etc.).


You can also continue reading below to see if stationary RV living is right for you. 


Benefits of Stationary RV Living

Excellent rates for long-term stays 

RV parks are great if you want to stay in one place for a month, the whole season, or even longer. In fact, the longer you stay, the better rates you enjoy. By contrast, most state- and federally-owned RV parks limit stay to 21 days or sometimes even as short as two weeks. 

While you can stay longer in privately-owned campgrounds, they rarely provide excellent rates for long-term stays. Additionally, they are often situated in areas far from cities, which may work if you’re a hard-core nature lover but not if you’re someone who wants to live close to “modern conveniences” (shopping malls, cinemas, restaurants, etc.). 


Well-maintained amenities and facilities 

RV parks combine the best of both worlds: They provide amenities and facilities commonly found in a neighborhood, such as swimming pools with clean restrooms and a well-maintained landscape, while at the same time making your RV life as convenient as possible with their laundry facilities and full hook-up sites. 

In short, RV parks allow you to enjoy the perks of traditional and stationary living and resume your “life on the road” lifestyle any time you want. 


Convenient location 

Unlike nature campgrounds, RV parks are close to recreational areas, major retailers, cinemas, restaurants, museums and other recreational facilities. Smoke Tree RV Park is an excellent example as it lies at the heart of Southern California and is just a few minutes’ drive from a shopping area and other attractions. 


Safe and friendly neighborhood

In many cities, you cannot park your RV or any recreational vehicle on residential streets and public spaces because of the laws and safety issues. That’s why staying in an RV park in Bakersfield, CA is excellent for RV owners who want to experience a more traditional and stationary lifestyle. 

Living in an RV park also gives you a sense of community belongingness, even if some of your neighbors only stay for a week or month. (During holidays, it’s not uncommon for RV owners to put on community events or host potluck meals.)

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Final Word on RV Living in Bakersfield, CA

Staying in an RV park combines the best of both worlds: You get to enjoy the perks of being part of a community and having a more traditional lifestyle without giving up the freedom and flexibility of RV living


Contact Smoke Tree RV Park today to learn more about our excellent rates and amenities available to residents.

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