Christmas decorations on an RV

How to Celebrate Christmas in an RV (and make this a memorable experience)

Enjoying Christmas in an RV, solo or with loved ones, presents unique opportunities. You can celebrate at new locations, meet people, and establish holiday traditions.


However, let’s be realistic. Spending your Christmas in an RV also has its own challenges. That being said, you should always be prepared for bad weather, be it freezing temperatures or snowstorms. 


As you probably already know, reparation is the key to having a fun, stress-free Christmas celebration in an RV. To help you do that, we made a list of tricks and tricks that can take your merry-making to the next level. 


Make your emergency kit

First things first: Make an emergency kit filled with these things: prescription and non-prescription medications, enough food and water supply, flashlight, matches, paper towels, basic RV tools, trash bags, extra clothing, comfy blankets (or sleeping bags), fire extinguisher, and sturdy and comfortable shoes. 


Decorate your RV

Even with limited space, don’t skimp on Christmas decorations. Instead, opt for a miniaturized Christmas tree (or you can even ditch it altogether if you want), hang a wreath on your door, hang colorful lights around your windows, and decorate your living quarters with fresh greenery garlands like fir, boxwood, and pine. 


Another way to make your RV look festive is to make room for nicely wrapped gifts. Ditch your Christmas tree or any cumbersome decorations if space is an issue. 


Here are some more seasonal decorating tips for your RV.  


Have an alfresco-style Christmas dinner

It’s nice to have a large foldable table in your camper storage compartment, which allows you to host fun dinner parties outdoors with a small crowd. If you’re a full-time RVer, this piece of furniture is essential if you expect friends and family to come over as holiday guests. 


However, you may want to pack lots of thick blankets (ideally made of fleece or plaid fabric, so they’re in line with the Christmas theme) if you plan to have an alfresco-style Christmas dinner. The idea is to make evening campfires warm, cozy, and fun even when the temperature dips. 

Easy and simple Christmas recipes

First things first: Easy and simple meals don’t mean cheap and bland food. If you’re the host and want to enjoy a stress-free celebration, opt for quick and easy recipes and meals made from affordable ingredients that can be prepared partially ahead of time. Also, remember that you don’t have to do everything from scratch. 


Another way to make your Christmas dinner more fun and less stressful is to host a potluck. Ideally, you and your guests should plan ahead of time and tell each other what dishes and “contributions” each one will bring for the celebration. 


Travel around a bit 

Gather your family and friends to visit decorated public squares, parks, commercial establishments, or just Christmas tree-lined streets. This is a fun way to see new places without spending a dime. 


Once you’re done with your Christmas light displays sightseeing, bring out your foldable table and chairs, so you start your potluck dinner. 


Go caroling around the RV park 

Christmas caroling is a growing trend in Bakersfield RV parks, so warm up your vocal cords, get your favorite instrument, and go around the community and serenade others, which could be an excellent opportunity to meet new people and make new friends.  


Watch a Christmas movie

Watching a Christmas movie in your RV is another way to enjoy the holiday spirit. With a laptop or a portable DVD player, you can cuddle up with a blanket and some popcorn and watch a holiday classic. This simple yet cozy experience can make for a memorable Christmas away from the chaos of traditional celebrations.


Celebrate Christmas in an RV


Christmas RV Parks Bakersfield, CA

Spending Christmas in an RV can be unique and memorable. With preparation and creativity, it becomes a special memory-making time. With preparation and creativity, your family can make memorable moments this special time of the year.


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We’re here to help you find the best mobile home community in Bakersfield, CA, for you and your family. Leave a message on our website, and let’s get started.


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