Smoke Tree: A Stunning RV Park in Bakersfield, CA

Family in the RV touring Bakersfield, CA

Smoke Tree: A Stunning RV Park in Bakersfield, CA

Full-time RV living offers versatility, freedom and a more affordable lifestyle because you don’t have to pay for mortgage, electricity and homeowner’s insurance. In short, it’s generally cheaper than living in a home. 


While frequent travel is probably one of the reasons you choose full-time RV living, at some point, you may need to have a place where you can safely and conveniently park long-term (monthly, seasonally or even year-long).


If you’re looking for a stunning RV Park in Bakersfield, CA that offers amenities such as 30/50-amp full hook-up RV sites, laundry facilities, restrooms and swimming pools, check out Smoke Tree


What are the benefits of living in Smoke Tree RV Park in Bakersfield?

Aside from clean and well-maintained amenities that include restrooms, a seasonal swimming pool, and laundry facilities, Smoke Tree RV Park also offers affordable rates, especially for long-term renters. 

Unlike RV campgrounds in national parks and summer camps that limit the number of days you can stay (as short as 14 days in some cases), this RV community is ideal for long-term rentals, even offering lower rates for year-long renters. 


Where is Smoke Tree RV Park located?

Considered a hidden gem in the Southern Californian region, this stunning RV park is just around 1.25 miles from a major shopping center and is a short drive from several travel and nature destinations.

Exact address: 4435 Hughes Ln, Bakersfield, CA 93304


What are the nearby travel destinations?

Since Smoke Tree RV Park is located in Bakersfield, a city known for its rich history, beautiful scenery, agriculture and country music, you won’t run out of fun activities even if you stay long-term in this community. 


These are some of the must-visit destinations that are close to this RV park:


Hart Memorial Park 

Hart Memorial Park is nestled along the banks of the Kern River right in the Sierra Nevada’s foothill, this 370-acre nature park is perfect for hikers and anglers who can take advantage of the two fishing lakes regularly stocked with bluegill, bass and rainbow trout.


The nature park also has picnic tables, towering trees that give a cool shade, playgrounds, paved walking trails, and two disc golf courses.


Downtown Bakersfield 

Along Chester Avenue and its adjacent streets lie countless boutique stores, restaurants and specialty shops. And if you’re a foodie, why not head to Woolworth Diner, Horse in the Alley vintage steakhouse, Locale Farm to Table Eater, Padre Hotel or The 18hundred? 


Kern River Parkway Trail

This non-motorized pedestrian route gives you a stunning view of Kern River since it follows its bank throughout the entire city. It also offers some popular outdoor attractions that are perfect for families, joggers, cyclists and strollers. Check out the map of Kern River Parkway Trail.  


Buck Owens Crystal Palace 

As one of Bakersfield’s most popular tourist attractions, this palace houses a museum, a restaurant, and a music venue where dancers and contemporary and classic country western singers perform. Buck Owens Crystal Palace is located at 2800 Buck Owens Blvd., Bakersfield.


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How to contact Smoke Tree RV Park Management?

If you want to schedule a visit, send us a message and let’s get you on your way. We’re excited to hear from you!

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