RV in a lake in California

The Pros and Cons of RV Life

If you lean more toward a minimalist lifestyle and love to travel, an RV life may work for you–or not. In addition, you need to realize that living in a small truck camper or camper van requires that you know a bit of maintenance and tune-up to prolong its life and avoid major repairs. 

Here, we list some pros and cons of RV life to help you decide if this lifestyle is right for you. 


RV Living Pros

Cheaper lifestyle 

Because of the limited space, living in an RV can turn you into a minimalist by default, which means a cheaper lifestyle. Remember, you cannot purchase anything out of whim or hoard clutter simply because there is no space for it. 

Additionally, RV living means no mortgage, rent (except if you stay in RV camps), and no expensive utilities. However, if you decide to rent a space in a nature park, expect to spend a few hundred dollars a month. 

On average, RV living costs $1,500-$3,000 monthly. 


More freedom 

Living in an RV allows you to travel and change locations whenever you want. Hence, it’s an excellent option for people who are not yet ready to settle down and want to explore new places and experiences. 

Life is almost like a vacation

An RV life generally suits wanderlusts who have telecommuting work arrangements. 

More time in nature 

Many people who have chosen this life are fed up with living in a concrete jungle. With a “home” always on the move, it’s possible to spend more time in nature–and doing it without losing their access to “comfort” like a warm shower and electricity. 

Different experiences

If you’re dead bored with your homogenous, predictable life, an RV life might be for you. By constantly traveling, you’ll see new places, experience new things, and above all, meet new people. 

RV is easy to sell 

With the growing popularity of the nomadic lifestyle, you will not find it difficult to sell your RV should you ever decide to settle down or rent/buy a home. 

It is generally easier to sell an RV in a larger city than a smaller town because buyers are not keen on traveling long distances just to inspect a camper that’s being sold. 

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RV Living Cons

Cooking might be a challenge 

For some, an RV lifestyle could mean more take-out and dine-out because it is tricky, but not impossible, to cook fancy meals. However, a great alternative is to learn one-pot dishes and other kitchen hacks to save money on food. 

Repairs and maintenance

While RV living means no expensive rent or mortgage, you have to allot a budget for repairs and maintenance, especially if yours is an older model. Also, make sure that it undergoes regular tune-up to prevent (or at least postpone) repairs in the future. 

Difficulty finding a health insurance

It might be challenging to find health insurance if you don’t have a permanent address. Also, it may be difficult or even impossible to have regular doctors if you live your life on the road. 


In some areas, parking is a bit of a challenge because of availability and safety reasons. Additionally, the cost varies significantly, although you can lower it by opting for campground membership packages. 

Less time with family and old friends

If you live full-time in an RV, there is less time and opportunity to see your family and friends–unless you bring them with you. 

Privacy might be an issue

In some campgrounds, privacy (and noise) might be an issue, especially if you need to park your RV close to another camper.

Limited storage space 

There is not enough space to bring all your seasonal clothes, recreational gear, accessories, bedding, kitchen utensils, etc. Hence, you must choose the most essential items (like food supplies) over any other knick-knacks. 

When you live in a camper full-time, you may want to store enough food supplies that can last for at least a week since you may be a hundred miles from the nearest restaurant or grocery store. 

Life in an RV offers a lot of benefits, provided that you do your research and planning, especially when it comes to your budget and work arrangement (or any source of income). 


RV Living in Bakersfield | Southern California RV Parks

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RV in a lake in California

The Pros and Cons of RV Life

If you lean more toward a minimalist lifestyle and love to travel, an RV life may work for you–or not. In addition, you need to

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